Sunday, February 21, 2021

It’s time to unlock the creative future of Internet

We are as of this month (May 2020) launching a private self-regulated registration and trade of copyrights – not at least to get in front of the upcoming depression and reboot. We will, before summer, launch a new site for affiliates and ambassadors, and launch a full registration service for all types of copyright end of 2nd quarter 2020.

Copyright Owners Are The Backbone Miners Of CopyrightCoins®

CopyrightCoins® carries the royalties flowing through the system. Royalties represent the value created – measured by popularity.

Beyond 2020

Background While people sit around listening to music and reading online articles after binge-watching videos in their “isolation”, we will see a peak in subscription...

Mayday – we are heading for a rocky shore

If the economy could send a Mayday call, this would be it: "The IHS Markit flash composite purchasing managers' index for the eurozone plunged...