Saturday, May 15, 2021

Implications of NFT registration and trade

The music and copyright industries are nothing but consistent. Back in the ’90s, it was “Never again MTV”, in the ‘00s it was “Never again...

$424 million in “unmatched” USA royalties!

A historical unmatched royalties’ that 20 DSPs have transferred to the MLC, as part of an agreement that will see them protected from liability...

User experience with speed and liquidity – update May 2021

Roadmap! Phase one - Moving CopyrightCoins® CopyrightCoins® was sparingly being traded, primarily as OTC and was (still is) dependent on content licenced and royalties transfer. It...

Programmatic Business model – Remote working as a business advantage!

After yesterdays newsletter with March status describing the timing of NIM, I got questions why we can claim a 45% increase in royalties with a...

The difference in metadata and finTech approach with block-chain technology..

I am heading to Zurich tomorrow for meetings with the banking industry concerning our Secure CopyrightCoins®  Offering (see Consequently, I have been busy preparing...