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NIM – Streamed Media demos: favoring User-centric licensing

The streamed media ``revolution`` Online streaming is the preferred method for viewing shows, movies, sports, and events, as well as listening to music. National and international streaming services operate in almost every country. The global streaming market will be worth upwards of $180 billion by 2027 A market research report by Grand View Research found that the global streaming market was worth $42.6 billion...

BBC – Music royalties reach a record high

"PRS for music processed 18.8 trillion "performances" of music last year, including streams, downloads, radio and TV broadcasts, and music played in pubs, clubs, hairdressers and concert venues". It unprecedented, overwhelming and creating a lag... The full BBC article Live music is "dead" - can streaming save the artists? Live music generated £54m in royalties, up £15m since 2018. Revenues were boosted by...

It’s time to unlock the creative future of Internet

We are as of this month (May 2020) launching a private self-regulated registration and trade of copyrights – not at least to get in front of the upcoming depression and reboot. We will, before summer, launch a new site for affiliates and ambassadors, and launch a full registration service for all types of copyright end of 2nd quarter 2020.

Copyright Owners Are The Backbone Miners Of CopyrightCoins®

CopyrightCoins® carries the royalties flowing through the system. Royalties represent the value created – measured by popularity.

WIPO’s Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances Enters into Force

The Treaty is designed to help audiovisual performers – television and film actors, musicians, dancers, and others – many of whom live from job to job in precarious economic circumstances. The Treaty expands audiovisual workers' performance-related rights, which can translate into increased payments from retransmission – an especially critical benefit as many new productions are halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone loves and respects a creator! – Or do they?

From Alfons Karabuda president of European Composer and Songwriter Alliance! Everyone loves and respects a creator! Even our big corporate counterparts say they do. They don’t. After years of hard work, the EU finally decided on modernized copyright reform. One that would safeguard the whole cultural and musical ecosystem, and bring transparency where no transparency was to be found. The Directive is now in process...

One year on – EU Copyright Directive status

We live in challenging times with lock-down and social isolation as a result. Consequently, a large part of the creative business has come to a standstill as no events, concerts and gigs are taking place. Many have turned to online and/or live events to try to remedy some of this vaporized income. However, let’s not forget the ongoing long term challenges the...

Do we have a Black Swan event? – Easter 2020

It’s starting to look that way (according to A black swan is an extremely rare event with severe consequences. It cannot be predicted beforehand, though many claims it should be predictable after the fact. Black swan events can cause catastrophic damage to an economy, and because they cannot be predicted, can only be prepared for by building robust systems. ...

Beyond 2020

Background While people sit around listening to music and reading online articles after binge-watching videos in their “isolation”, we will see a peak in subscription of online platforms. Music There is no denying that music streaming is having a fantastic run with a growth of 25% and more year on year. However,  if the business model is based solely upon streaming, Tidal,...

Opera – the crypto web browser from Norway

Opera provides browsers and AI-driven content delivery solutions to 360 million people worldwide. Opera and I go way back. In 1990 my company UniLAN developed a gateway for Teletext (a sort of pre-www system). I sold it to a company called Return, who again later sold it to Opera. Opera introduced the first blockchain-enabled browser, Opera for Android, with a built-in...

Germany – €50 Billion Aid Package for Artists and Cultural

The German federal government is stepping in with a sweeping aid package for the country’s creative and cultural sectors. The staggering €50 billion ($54 billion) in backing comes less than two weeks since Germany first made its promise of support. “We know the hardships, we know the desperation,” said culture minister Monika Grütters in a statement. “The cultural sector, in...

Can CopyrightCoins® really be defined as a stablecoin?

Yes and no! Let start with a bit of background! Stablecoins are not stable because the value of the stablecoin is linked to the value of the underlying currency. While one US dollar will always equal one dollar, intra-currency moves make it hard to discern which of the “stable-coins” is retaining value – and which are silently bleeding out. The main reason...

CopyrightCoins® – Terms cheat sheet

Fiat currency Traditional currencies, such as USD or EUR. CopyrightChains ecosystem The CopyrightChains ecosystem is a blockchain ecosystem with the main blockchain “CopyrightChain” and two sub-chains “CopyrightCoins sub-chain” and “CopyrightShares sub-chain”.  The ecosystem is developed, administered and commercialised by New Internet Media. CopyrightID A CopyrightID serves as a uniform identification of copyright within the CopyrightChains ecosystem. The CopyrightID is the identification of the copyright...