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Implications of NFT registration and trade

The music and copyright industries are nothing but consistent. Back in the ’90s, it was “Never again MTV”, in the ‘00s it was “Never again Napster”,  in the ‘10s, it was “Never again YouTube”. Will the ‘20s be “Never again NFT’s”? The market for NFTs is currently a wild west operation. Nobody semms to know where NFTs fit into existing regulatory frameworks. Background. As...

State of play – Copyright Infrastructure

From the workshop of Copyright Infrastructure. NIM is on from 8:15 to 26:15 plus some additional Q&A at the end. If you watch the whole session, the take away should be obvious.

$424 million in “unmatched” USA royalties!

A historical unmatched royalties’ that 20 DSPs have transferred to the MLC, as part of an agreement that will see them protected from liability for past infringements of copyright on this front. This creates more questions than answers. If this is what they admit to, now much is really there?Is this money only being paid due to the lawsuit brought against...

User experience with speed and liquidity – update May 2021

Roadmap! Phase one - Moving CopyrightCoins® CopyrightCoins® was sparingly being traded, primarily as OTC and was (still is) dependent on content licenced and royalties transfer. It is time for CopyrightCoins® to spread its wings in a more independent way. Moving CopyrightCoins® to Ethereum (as an ERC20 token) will accomplish that. Phase two – NFT Registration of CopyrightShares A user-friendly and visual way of...

Music NFT market update

Musicians have sold $70.5M worth of NFTs to date. Independent artists still run the show — but major artists and labels are quickly catching up. Several technical, legal and political challenges remain to mainstream NFT adoption in the music industry — it’s getting a lot of hype right now, but it is far from the “new normal.” Ref.: Stats from Patrons Water &...

NIM – Easter 2021

Non-Fungible Tokens from NIM The very first Digital Share Certificate issued The first was of course Guy and Doug's Fallen Angel, currently featured in the Broadway musical - Jersey Boys. The NFT is printed as digital Share Certificates (default 100 000) used on trading platforms for CopyrightShares and can be bought on Memorabilia Internet Media  NB! This is a collector's item and does...

NFT – Added value for the music industry!

You have all seen the news and heard the stories. The Square-Tidal Deal has given the music industry a boost and a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. What is it all about? Square is buying Tidal, Jay-Z’s controversial music-streaming service and revitalising it with NFT memorabilia. After the last newsletter liquidity in CopyrightCoins®, we had to send an extra...

Newsflash – User-centric lisensing is gaining support

User-centric licensing UK hearing of Spotify, Apple and Amazon and major Music labels view! I am sure you all know that Spotify, Apple and Amazon participated in the last UK parliamentarian hearing (DCMS Committee) on streaming economics on February 23rd 2021. What you probably missed is the major Music labels view on many important issues. I have gotten many questions in regards...

Liquidity in CopyrightCoins® February 2021

You have all seen the news and heard the stories. Musicians are cashing in on their catalogs to the tune of millions. Why do they sell rights that give their children and grandchildren royalties income 70 years after their deaths? The short answer is the pandemic with gigs and touring cancelled for a year and the foreseeing future. Equally important why investing...

Meet Matthew Alexander – Adviser (listing and private equity)

Matthew is an expert in capital markets, investment banking, corporate strategy and principal investing, with 22 years of experience in the U.S., Europe, Latam and Asia. Most recently Matthew has focussed on shaping digital banking strategy & managing strategic digital banking investments for one of Switzerland's largest private banks. Matthew is currently an Executive Board Member & Head Asset Tokenisation at...

Status July 2020

New Internet Media (NIM) NIM administration group has activated the Belgian/French hub with Philippe and Thibault - they are now talking to high profile Copyright Owners and SCO investors and building their team. The NIM Nordic and technology team at Silicon Islands have started defining and ingesting metadata into a white-label solution for PROs backed by a 150 million Euro offer in advances as icing...

80% More? – NIM, CopyrightCoins® And The EU Copyright Directive

The EU Member States have until 7th June 2021 to transpose the Copyright Directive into their national laws – that is less than a year from now   Implementation of "upload-filters" The Copyright Directive aims at making it simple to maintain a legitimate streaming business, were upload is smooth while the money flow reaches the pockets of the creators and performers. There is no...

New Internet Media teams presentation – Philippe LOGIE

Philippe LOGIE (NIMs Film and VOD expert) Philippe is Head of Programs acquisitions & coproductions at Be tv (pay-tv) and VOO (cable operator) in Belgium, since 2001. Former Business Affairs and Secretary-General of Canal + Belgium (1995-2001). Executive Producer (2011 - 2017) of "Les Magritte du Cinéma" (Belgian Film awards) and member of the Board of "Académie André Delvaux" (Belgian...