Meet Matthew Alexander – Adviser (listing and private equity)


Matthew is an expert in capital markets, investment banking, corporate strategy and principal investing, with 22 years of experience in the U.S., Europe, Latam and Asia.
Most recently Matthew has focussed on shaping digital banking strategy & managing strategic digital banking investments for one of Switzerland’s largest private banks.

Matthew is currently an Executive Board Member & Head Asset Tokenisation at SEBA Bank AG

  • Previously Managing Director and Head of Corporate Development at Julius Baer
  • Masters degree in Finance from Deakin University Melbourne

New Internet Media welcomes Matthew and we are looking forward to CopyrightCoins® taking its rightful place as one of the worlds stablecoin and the only one with real intrinsic value.

CopyrightCoins® has intrinsic value

The principle of CopyrightCoins® is based upon the collection of royalties flowing through the ecosystem from online digital service providers (DSPs). As such (in our opinion), CopyrightCoins®  is the only real intrinsic currency in existence (including fiat).

This intrinsic value is something we are proud to show off in our Secure CopyrightCoins® Offering (SCO) with a potential of no less than 31% ROI (Return on Investment).

The  CopyrightCoins®  intrinsic value, as well as the healthy ROI, is a result of NIMs unfair advantage and pedigree in the creative communities where high profile artists and top royalties earners are willing to grant NIM exclusive administration rights for their copyrights.
NIM is presently able to collect royalties (on average) 45% more and 26 million faster than today’s antiquated system.

If I don't ask, they can't say yes!