The CopyrightCoins Newsroom

The purpose of the CopyrightCoins Newsroom is primarily to showcase the use of CopyrightCoins (CCIM) in a real environment where creativity is rewarded and paid in CopyrightCoins according to popularity.

Secondarily it’s a Newsroom for marketing purposes and to keep owners of CopyrightCoins updated on our progress.

Which is why we also pay for social media shares and retweets as well as comments (including your own answer to a comment and/or answer to a question is relation to your article).

How does it work?

First of all, everything you create is your Intellectual property/Copyright. The CopyrightCoins Newsroom is paying you to use that creativity to inform and attract CopyrightCoins users. In practice that means for each time someone reads your article you grant us a license to present the article to that reader and we will pay you accordingly for that right (aka a view – see below)

Secondly, we will always pay you for creating the article, furthermore we will always pay you for each word in the article as a baseline (see table below).

However, you will always have to go through an editorial process before any article is published. This editorial process is CopyrightCoins Newsroom’s sole responsibility and the decision to publish or not is final.

That said, we will always reward creativity and talent by paying the most for popularity and virtual spreads through social media. The popularity is measured by views that are collected by Google Analytics and virtual spread is simply shares and comments (which are imported into the Newsroom). The comments also include your comments and answers to questions etc related to your article.

As you will be paid in CopyrightCoins (CCIM) the official cryptocurrency for all creative licensing in our ecosystem you will have to have a CopyrightCoins/Waves wallet. The CCIM earned will be transferred once a week in this early version of the service and soon to be upgraded to real-time transfer. Registration of copyright is automatic with the approved and published article.

How much will I get paid?

As stated earlier, you will get paid per word just to participate. In addition, you will get paid according to popularity. Which means that you also get to influence how much you will get paid by doing your own marketing and get your readers to share and interact with you.

  • Basic pay 1.5 CCIM
  • Pay per word 0.03 CCIM
  • Each view of article 0.01 CCIM
  • Each view of (each) picture in article 0.01 CCIM
  • Each comment in the Newsroom 0.2 CCIM
  • Each share/likes in Facebook 0.2 CCIM
  • Each comment in Facebook 0.2 CCIM

You will always be able to see in your profile how much you have earned and how much has been  paid into your wallet.

This information is private to your profile and only viewable to yourself.