Sunday, April 18, 2021

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NIM – Easter 2021

Non-Fungible Tokens from NIM The very first Digital Share Certificate issued The first was of course Guy and Doug's Fallen Angel, currently featured in the Broadway...

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NFT – Added value for the music industry!

You have all seen the news and heard the stories. The Square-Tidal Deal has given the music industry a boost and a ray of light...

Newsflash – User-centric lisensing is gaining support

User-centric licensing UK hearing of Spotify, Apple and Amazon and major Music labels view! I am sure you all know that Spotify, Apple and Amazon participated...

Liquidity in CopyrightCoins® February 2021

You have all seen the news and heard the stories. Musicians are cashing in on their catalogs to the tune of millions. Why do they...

80% More? – NIM, CopyrightCoins® And The EU Copyright Directive

The EU Member States have until 7th June 2021 to transpose the Copyright Directive into their national laws – that is less than a year from...

New Internet Media teams presentation – Philippe LOGIE

Philippe LOGIE (NIMs Film and VOD expert) Philippe is Head of Programs acquisitions & coproductions at Be tv (pay-tv) and VOO (cable operator) in Belgium,...