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Will UK become a ‘safe harbour for safe harbour’ by not implementing...

UK will not implement EU copyright lawAccording to Universities, Science, Research and Innovation Minister Chris Skidmore, there are “no plans” for it to be...

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News 2020 NIM, CCIM – Updated Proof of Concept on IPFS blockchain

We have updated the Proof of Concept (POC) on the IPFS blockchain under The Content Cloud CaaS (Content as a Service – WIP: Work...

Looking back on 2019 – with a 2020 vision of a prosperous New Year!

The Year 2019 from CopyrightCoins on Vimeo.

CopyrightCoins — the secure Stablecoin

Cryptocurrency’s notorious volatility is due to the speculative nature of the asset class, and because the asset isn’t tied to other assets like fiat...

CopyrightCoins – A currency that is 100% digital with no inflation?

A currency that is 100% digital and protected against inflation? The “old-style” cryptocurrencies are speculative assets and will probably die a slow death as they...

The support letter of Blockchain Isle of Man

We have now received the official letter of support from the Blockchain Isle of Man (see body of this email and attachment for a...