Sunday, February 21, 2021

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Meet Matthew Alexander – Adviser (listing and private equity)

Matthew is an expert in capital markets, investment banking, corporate strategy and principal investing, with 22 years of experience in the U.S., Europe, Latam...

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80% More? – NIM, CopyrightCoins® And The EU Copyright Directive

The EU Member States have until 7th June 2021 to transpose the Copyright Directive into their national laws – that is less than a year from...

New Internet Media teams presentation – Philippe LOGIE

Philippe LOGIE (NIMs Film and VOD expert) Philippe is Head of Programs acquisitions & coproductions at Be tv (pay-tv) and VOO (cable operator) in Belgium,...

NIM – Streamed Media demos: favoring User-centric licensing

The streamed media ``revolution`` Online streaming is the preferred method for viewing shows, movies, sports, and events, as well as listening to music. National and...

BBC – Music royalties reach a record high

"PRS for music processed 18.8 trillion "performances" of music last year, including streams, downloads, radio and TV broadcasts, and music played in pubs, clubs,...

It’s time to unlock the creative future of Internet

We are as of this month (May 2020) launching a private self-regulated registration and trade of copyrights – not at least to get in front of the upcoming depression and reboot. We will, before summer, launch a new site for affiliates and ambassadors, and launch a full registration service for all types of copyright end of 2nd quarter 2020.